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Prayer Request

  • May God continue to uphold, to use, to guide and to provide for the needs of the ministry of FEBA, Singapore for His kingdom.
  • May God use the programmes specifically designed for the China Olympic Game to bless the people of China.
  • May God open the way so that His gospel is more accessible to the people in this region through the radio waves.
  • May God bless all who listen to the gospel radio programmes of FEBA.

We always welcome volunteers to service God with us.

If you are a Christian and has the calling, the gift, and the burden to serve in gospel broadcasting ministry, then you may serve with us for the glory of God.

We are currently looking for Christians with one or more of the following skills or gifts:

  1. Script writing skill in English or Chinese.
  2. Knowledge or skill in Setting up of a relational database using MS Access.

If what you have is only time, you may also make your time well spent by helping us to prepare for the sending of our quarterly newsletter Skywaves.

If you are willing to serve the Lord with your skills and time, please contact us.

The goal of this website is to serve the general public. If you find that your rights are infringed in anyway, please contact us immediately.

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